With robotic thermal spray and cladding equipment, we offer, under one roof, complete range of surface coatings and supply coated components as per OEM design. 

We offer following Thermal Spray Coating and hard facing Services:

hvof coatings for metal seated gate valve and ball balvThermal spray coatings
HVOF Spray
Plasma spray
Wire flame spray etc.
PTA/TIG hard facing Services
ENP coatings
Coated Components
Steel Mill rollers for lines like HSM, CRM, Color coating etc
Oil and gas field Parts
Pump and valve components
Automotive Components

Thermal sprayed coatings are extremely effective in increasing component life and value, decreasing machinery down-time, and improving performance. Spraymet offer its surface improvement capabilities to wide of Industries like :

Steel industry
Pump and valve
Power - steam and gas
Printing and paper
Oil and gas

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