About Us

Spraymet offers wide range of coatings for various applications primarily to improve surface performance. Product and service offerings are designed to resist wear, corrosion, abrasion, high temperature and similar surface functionality requirements.

Core Processes adopted includes Wire Spray, Plasma Spray, HVOF, PTA cladding, TIG and ENP.

Spraymet Advantages:

Why choose us, here are a few reasons:
  • Value Addition:
    We strive to add value to the offered services though technical support, coating recommendation and performance follow up.
  • Domain experience:
    We are recognized as one of the most experienced , in the thermal spray technology and we have taken this recognition seriously and do not hesitate to go extra mile to retain this recognition.
  • Prototype to Production:
    We support our customers design and pilot runs and help to establish performance parameters. Once established we will run our production coating line for customers to meet their production requirements in strict adherence to established process parameters.
  • ASAP Delivery:
    Our dedicated work force offers round the clock shop activity to meet emergencies

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