Spray and fuse powders

Product No Comp. HRC Meelting Range Process Typical Composition and Application
Spraymet 15 C 0.05
Fe1, Si 2
B 1, Cu 20
Ni Bal
200 DPH 1005-1050 PW A Nickel based alloy with high ductility and workability used for Glass mould edge build up and cast iron part repairs.
Spraymet 20 C 0.05
Si 2.5, B 1.4,
Ni Bal
20 1090-1120 PW General purpose builds up alloys with good corrosion wear and impact resistance. Used on shaft, seat ring, valve journals, etc.
Spraymet 30 C 0.05
Cr 5, Si 3.2
B 1.5, Ni Bal
30 1020-1060 SF/PW Highest wear resistance to abrasion erosion and corrosion, Used for hardfacing of Pump parts, fan blades, seat rings, sleeves thrust bush, etc.
Spraymet 40 C 0.25
Cr 7.5, Si 3.5
B 1.7, Ni Bal
40 980-1060 SF/PW
Blend of Spraymet 60+ Tungsten Carbide for excellent wear resistance severe abrasion resistance. Ideal for severe abrasion by soil, ash and particle erosion. Used on fan blades, augures, wear pads Cam face, etc.
Spraymet 60 Si 4.4
B3.2, C 0.75
Cr 15 Ni Bal
60 1030-1090 SF/PW
Fuse coatings offer a very high degree of abrasion and corrosion resistance while use on pump plungers, seal rings, mechanical couplings and machine parts subject for sliding contact and abrasive particles.
Spraymet 60-Wc C 2.5, W 45
Cr 8, B2
Ni Bal
6 (With Carbide 2300 DPH) 1030-1090 PW/SF Composite powder for use of the powder welding processes. Contains 50% carbide grains which impart extra abrasion resistance. Used for very harsh abrasive conditions especially when corrosion is also a factor.
Spraymet SF6 Co.Bal,
Cr 19
W7, Ni 13,
Si 2.5, B 1.7
43 1065-1150 SF Coatings exhibit good sliding wear and abrasion resistance.Use on pump and rotating steels, valve faces and spindles.